Infrastructure Upgrade

Over the past couple of weeks the RunSignup and GiveSignup infrastructure has gone thru a large upgrade. The good news is that there has been no downtime! Also, the site speed has increased a bit as well and just squeaked under 2 seconds last week when there were over 5 Million Pageviews, even though speed was not a primary objective of this upgrade.

There were several goals of the upgrade:

  • Upgrade all software to current versions. The biggest change was moving to Linux 2.
  • Improve network load balancing.
  • Take advantage of some AWS services to lower our maintenance overhead.
  • Improve security.

We work hard to ensure we continue to maintain the most modern infrastructure for our customers. While customers may not notice it as much as a new feature like Fundraising pages (BTW, take a look at this example a fundraiser did on their own). But it is the very foundation of what every race website, every fundraiser page, every nonprofit donation is based on.

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