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New: RaceJoy Map Marker Distance Calculation

RaceJoy has just launched a map building improvement that RaceDay Certified Timers are going to appreciate! RaceJoy’s map building tool now calculates the GPS distance on the course for new intermediate marker or timing locations, such as Geo-based audio message points and relay exchange locations. This will simplify the map building process for timers and greatly... Continue Reading →

Map Matters

RunSignUp’s RaceJoy recently held a webinar to share information about map matters in relation to RaceJoy’s race day mobile app. Below is a summation of what was covered or you can view the recording here: Topics covered include: Why Your Course Matters Map Adjustments Cell Conditions Verification Extra Value: Custom Map Markers Custom Cheer Points... Continue Reading →

RaceJoy Brought the Joy!

From Florida to Utah and Louisiana in between! This past weekend RaceJoy was available at a lot of races, but three stood out with high usage from participants and spectators. These races showed that runners, walkers and spectators alike are embracing RaceJoy’s advanced tracking and cheers, opting for a special race day experience. The three... Continue Reading →

How to Build Your Own Race Map!

To have a race loaded into RaceJoy, races need to submit an electronic course map in GPX or KML format so that RaceJoy’s system can create an interactive race course for the event. These maps are then used to track race participants and to provide GPS Progress Alerts at every mile. The alerts sent are... Continue Reading →

Course Maps

We have had the capability to add a MapMyRun Map for your race for a while. With the introduction of the new race wizard, you can now also upload an image or a PDF with your course maps(s). This is simple to do if you have a course map stored as an image or a... Continue Reading →


We have integrated MapMyRun maps into RunSignUp.  This makes it easy to show runners your course map right on the Race Info page. This is very simple to do - just put the MapMyRun URL for your course into the Race Director Social -> MapMyRun page. Here is a quick video on how to do... Continue Reading →