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Upload Course MapWe have had the capability to add a MapMyRun Map for your race for a while. With the introduction of the new race wizard, you can now also upload an image or a PDF with your course maps(s).

This is simple to do if you have a course map stored as an image or a PDF already.  Go to Step 6 of the Wizard or the “Race Page” -> “Content” page on the Dashboard to create a Custom Section.  You can upload your map there.  Create different sections for each event in your race – for example a custom section of the 8K map, for the Half Marathon and for the Full Marathon.

Course Map on Race PageIf you do not have a map, then you can create one easily with any of the many tools out there for creating a map.  I like  It is quick and simple, creates mile markers automatically, will follow streets automatically or you can turn off the street following to draw your own lines if you are drawing a cross country course like the one show in this example.  You can also show a street view or satellite view (or both since you can upload multiple maps!

Also, since we store your map on Amazon CloudFront for free, you can copy and paste the URL of the map image itself (here is an example) to include in your own website and email blasts. This is the fastest download hosting you can get since your image gets caches on dozens of hosts across the US.

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