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Timer Tip: Dynamic Bib Assignments

Dynamic Bib Assignments is an ideal way for races and timers to save time and reduce costs with unwanted bibs by using only what is needed. Below is a recording that covers RunSignup's Dynamic Bib Assignment capabilities and how it integrates with the other RaceDay tools to create a seamless and efficient race process. Join... Continue Reading →

Timer Tip: Managing Bib Assignments

This recorded Webinar provides an overview on how to use RunSignup's Bib Management tool for assigning and changing bib numbers. Watch to better understand how you can take advantage of greater efficiencies. Any questions? Contact Crisp McDonald and schedule time to talk through any questions regarding the RaceDay Suite of products. Timer Tip Tuesdays Join... Continue Reading →

Symposium 2019: Bib Management

Following our RaceDay Registration and CheckIn session at Symposium, Matt and Crisp continued with a discussion on our Bib Management features. These features integrate with our RaceDay Registration and CheckIn features to allow you to assign bibs how you would like at check in, whether you want to use dynamic bib assignment or distribute bibs... Continue Reading →

Photo Bib Exclusion

We have added an easy link from the list of common bib numbers that brings up all of the photos with that bib number. This makes it simple to exclude photos that were tagged with incomplete bib numbers. For example, the bib number 3 may be legitimate for this race, but it may be a... Continue Reading →

Bib Validation

We have added Bib Validation. You can set up ranges of bibs that are valid for each event. This prevents handing out the wrong bib to the wrong person, and also helps with issues around runners moving from one event (5K) to another (10K). This is used in conjunction with the RunSignUp Go Race Day... Continue Reading →

Bib Assignment

An important part of race day registration enablement is bib assignment (learn more about bib handout in this blog). ┬áRunSignUp provides 6 different ways to assign bib numbers - and of course you can also do it the old fashion way of exporting into Excel or having your timer do it. The real advantage of... Continue Reading →