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PCI Audit Complete

We have been issued a new Attestation of Compliance for PCI. This is our yearly report issued by an independent auditor that does an annual (and quarterly) multi-dimensional audit of our system and processes to ensure we meet the highest levels of compliance with the credit card industry standards. RunSignup spends considerable effort, and we... Continue Reading →


No, this is not the old abbreviation for the Soviet Union. It is the abbreviation for the California Consumer Privacy Act. This act goes into effect on January 1. Any website that is used by a California resident must comply with the law. RunSignup just released our implementation for our various websites, including all of... Continue Reading →

New Version of Safari Breaks Widgets

Any customer using widgets, even Partner Websites, should switch to a simple button and link to the appropriate RunSignup site directly. Unfortunately, Apple has released a new version of Safari that prevents session tracking. This is a necessary feature on complex web applications such as a registration. "ITP will now block all third-party requests from... Continue Reading →

How Secure is Your Race Website?

I was talking with someone today about whether races feel an obligation to keep their customer data safe. The conversation was triggered when I was talking to a small registration company owner and found they had many security vulnerabilities like their site being susceptible to SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting, and lack of a security... Continue Reading →

Multi-Factor Authentication

We have released the capability to do Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA, or sometimes called 2-Step Verification) on RunSignUp. This is optional for all users (required for RunSignUp employees). MFA is currently gaining popularity as an additional layer of security. The basic idea is that in addition to your password, you use another device (typically your phone... Continue Reading →

Quick Link for Legacy Check-In

We have made it simpler to give volunteers access to the legacy version of the check-in app (not the dedicated mobile phone-based check-in app). Previously, you had to grant them access to the race or sign them all into your own account. We now have a specific, secure URL that each race can create and... Continue Reading →

Updated Payment Account Requirements

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve our financial and security processes, we are instituting additional controls on new payment accounts. This involves collecting additional information on owners and requiring information be entered by individuals with significant control over the entity. As we have discussed, we are part of the banking network, and require... Continue Reading →

Child Privacy

To protect the data the races who use us as their online registration platform, we have made some updates to your race, event and club websites to better protect the online privacy of children, particularly those under the age of 13. Our updates are designed with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule (“COPPA”) in mind and... Continue Reading →

Dashboard Graphs Secure Access

The front Dashboard will become much more powerful in the coming weeks with over a dozen different graphical reports being added. To prepare for this, we have added specific access management for just the Dashboard. To invite others to get access to dashboard graphs, click on the lock in the upper right corner: This will... Continue Reading →