Disabling Password Requirement

passwordRunSignUp by default requires runners to enter a password.  We find this to be very helpful to runners long term since they do not have to type in information repeatedly for each race they join.  It also enables features like refunds, event-event transfers and bib exchange in a secure manner.

However, some races want to give runners to option to not create an account and enter a password.  You can now set this up easily by clicking an option under Miscellaneous Settings.  And we have added the capability for the runner to claim the registration so they can create an account or merge it with another account.  Race directors can also assist runners in claiming their account.

This is also a very useful feature for a number of races who are importing participants from previous registration systems they have used.  Those imported runners obviously do not have accounts, but now can claim them in a secure manner.

Here is a quick video overview:

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