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API Integration Quick Start

If you are a developer and looking to integrate with the RunSignup API, here is a quick start overview of how to make things work. You can do testing on  Here are the generic Getting Started and Overview pages from the site, but here is the general flow: Authenticating with the API There are multiple ways to do this... Continue Reading →

Race Date API Expanded

The RunSignUp API has been extended to allow for better searching and sorting for races with a date range. We have added last_end_date and next_end_date to the response. We also added an option to search on start date only.  If you add "search_start_date_only=T” to the URL, you’ll only get races based on the start date. This is... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp Open API – JSON or XML?

The RunSignUp Open API usually supports both JSON, XML and CSV formats. We have a preference for JSON, since that is the most common implementation of web service API's today. Also, our largest partners - both The Race Director and RunScore - have implemented their interfaces in JSON.

Custom Results API – Notifications

We are expanding the Custom Results API to include a mechanism for providing notifications. The concept is that a list of participants can be uploaded to RunSignUp a week or two before a race and participants and their friends and families can then sign up for notifications. When race day comes, the timer will be... Continue Reading →

Results Posting API

We have been doing extensive additions to our Results Posting API in advance of some partners who will be private labeling our results platform. This is especially useful for timers or software developers who are creating their own scoring or timing software. By reusing RunSignUp Results, you can take advantage of our scalable platform with... Continue Reading →

Custom Results API and UI Improvements

We have expanded the Custom Results API and the user interface for displaying custom results. The Custom Results API allows an application to upload results and do custom formatting and upload more generic data. Here is an example used to upload Age Group Results and other Awards from RunScore. There are two key upgrades: Setting Data... Continue Reading →

Create User and Race API Extensions

Warning: This is for developers. We have extended our OpenAPI to allow for Race and User Creation and editing. This API is being used by a couple of advanced users who have their own applications that have a need for creating races and users outside of the RunSignUp user interface. This is a powerful capability... Continue Reading →

Open API Extended to Teams

Our Open API continues to expand. You can see all of it at We recently added a set of functions to get and set Team information: - Get the team types.  You’ll need this information to create a new team. - List existing teams.  This way you can see if a team exists. -... Continue Reading →