Custom Results API and UI Improvements

Custom ResultsWe have expanded the Custom Results API and the user interface for displaying custom results. The Custom Results API allows an application to upload results and do custom formatting and upload more generic data. Here is an example used to upload Age Group Results and other Awards from RunScore.

There are two key upgrades:

  • Setting Data Types – this allows us understand the data being uploaded better to do better sorting and searching
  • Display improvements – Paging, Sorting and Searching of results

2 thoughts on “Custom Results API and UI Improvements

    • They can trigger results if there is a mapping done to the registration id of the runner and the data is mapped – for example gun or chip time and place. The way the notifications work is off of specific fields of data in RunSignUp. Custom Results are typically used to upload undefined and un-mapped data. For example, today the RunScore integration does the notification triggers by uploading “native” data via the integration of registration id and mapping of fields. The custom upload is done for things like Age Group Reporting. Take a look at for an example of each.

      We are doing some development now with RunScore that will change some of this, so if you are a RunScore user, watch that newsgroup. If you are a developer looking to integrate with the API, let us know and we can have deeper conversations about approaches.

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