Autism Society Fundraising Back in Action!

An Example of Best Practices Applied Most running, walking, and cycling events serve a fundraising function for important services to support our communities like the Autism Society of Central Virginia’s 5K Challenge. ASCV has multiple ways its raises funds to support its growing programs, and reports that their 5K challenge is its largest annual fundraiser. […]

New Automated Photo Bib Tagging

One of the magical features of our free photo platform is the automated tagging of people based on image processing of bib numbers. For each photo that is uploaded, we automatically send it to a scanning service and it returns the bib numbers. We add nice little touches like filtering for bibs less than 1000 […]

Participant Photo Uploads – Option to Require Approval

We have released a feature that allows races to approve participant photo uploads before they show as public in participant photo albums.  To turn this feature on, navigate to Photos>>Setup on your race dashboard Turn on Allow participants to upload photos Turn on Require Approval For Photo Uploads Click Save Photo Settings Registered participants will […]

Certified Timer Spotlight: Jamie Orr, Run The East

Jamie Orr, founder of Run The East, a Greenville, North Carolina based race timing and event management service provider recently completed RunSignup’s RaceDay Certification program. We noticed he was making full use of the various RaceDay Suite of Technology that RunSignup offers. So, we checked in with him to get some insights that we could […]

RunSignup Launches RaceDay Scoring!

The Endurance Industry’s Next Generation Scoring Solution We’ve just launched our new RaceDay Scoring software solution for the endurance event industry. After twenty-two months of development and user testing, the RaceDay Scoring production release is now available for timers to score events across the country. Our RaceDay Scoring is the race industry’s next generation in […]

RunSignUp’s RaceDay Photos Platform Goes Mobile with RaceJoy!

RunSignUp’s RaceDay Photos platform is now being delivered in RaceJoy’s race day mobile app. Participants can now have quick access to their race day photos in addition to RaceJoy’s live tracking and cheer sending. A free and open platform, RunSignUp’s RaceDay Photos enables race organizers, photographers or timers with the ability to easily manage their […]

34,000 Photo Views in 800 Person Race

Quick!  Add Photos to your Race! They generate 6 times more interest (page views) than Results: Photos: 41 Views per participant Results: 7 Views per participant The Scott Coffee Race was the race that RunSignUp was originally inspired by. This year we were able to keep track of photo and sponsor views with the new […]

Sponsor and Photo Stats of the Day

Just a couple of interesting stats. Races have loaded over 38,000 Sponsors into our Sponsor Management System. Best Damn Race in New Orleans recently uploaded over 15,000 photos for their race. 64% of those photos were tagged with our Google Vision software. Not all of these tags were correct, and not all photos had tags […]

RunSignUp Ushers in 2017 – The Year of Free Race Photos

Moorestown, NJ – RunSignUp announces the release of RaceDay Photos, the free race photo platform effective immediately. The system has been in beta since the summer, with hundreds of thousands of photos uploaded by hundreds of races. Suggestions made by beta-testing customers have helped shape the product. “Having a free, simple platform for race day […]

Photos – Inappropriate Content

We are now using Google Vision to detect inappropriate content that is uploaded to the RaceDay Photo Platform. We are hoping this prevents misuse of the platform. This is the same system Google uses for their Safe Search capability. The API is pretty cool. Here is an example of what the API returns: For now, […]

Lots of RaceDay Photo Updates

We are seeing great early adoption of the RaceDay Photos Platform with tens of thousands of photos uploaded during this beta phase. We released a “collage” of new photo features at the end of last week. Here is the run down: Social Sharing We have added Social Sharing to photos. Simply click the Facebook icon […]

RunSignUp Webinar 301: RaceDay Photos

Next up in our Endurance Event Education Webinar Series: RaceDay Photos with RunSignUp founder Bob Bickel. Date: Wednesday, September 28th Time: 2:00pm EST (11:00am PST) The new, free RaceDay Photo Platform makes photos affordable for races of all sizes. Topics of the Webinar will include: Upload any number of photos, from any number of locations […]

SmugMug Photo Integration

RaceDay Photos is now tightly integrated with SmugMug. This makes it simple for photographers who regularly use SmugMug to easily import their photos into RaceDay Photos and make them available as part of the integrated RaceDay Results and Race Website. This is an overview of the RaceDay Photo architecture and capabilities. Not all capabilities are available […]

Photo Bib Management

Note: This feature has been updated with Photos 2.0. Learn more: We have added several tools to help manage the automatic bib tagging that we do with Google Vision (since it is not quite as smart as a human, but a lot faster and cheaper). This is done on a per photo location basis […]

Google Vision Photo Tagging Sample

We did a sample of photos at the Scott Coffee Race to test the Google Vision rates of reads (accomplished within several minutes of uploading photos). Check out a couple of the sample Google Vision got right on these screenshots – impressive. 100 Photos 119 Correct Tags 16 Incorrect Tags 32 Additional Tags that a human […]

Race Day Photos Beta Released

As part of the RaceDay Go Platform, RaceDay Photos (see previous Sneak Preview and Architecture blogs) has been released in Beta for general use. RaceDay Photos is a comprehensive, open platform to provide races with cutting edge technology to create a better race day experience for their participants: The Beta Platform is being provided for free […]

RaceDay Go Platform Announced

We announced The RaceDay Go Platform this week at the RunSignUp Symposium. This is a major strategic direction with a comprehensive platform for creating a complete race day experience. RunSignUp is embarking on a strategic mission by taking the following actions: Creating a new brand separate from RunSignUp to allow for open use of technology components by races, […]

RedLine13 – RunSignUp’s Technology Spin off

A couple of years ago Rich Friedman, Stephen Sigwart and I (Bob Bickel) spun off a technology company called RedLine13 from RunSignUp. We felt we had developed a couple of cool pieces of technology that a broader community would be interested in – Load Testing and a ZipCode API. In the old days it would […]

RunSignUp Photo Architecture

We have begun developing our new Photo Platform for RunSignUp. There are two key pieces of new architecture that we are using as we build out this new platform, and they are cool for tech geeks. As mentioned in the 2016 Roadmap, we are developing an open platform for photos for race websites. We anticipate integrations […]

Instagram Photos on Your Race Website

We have added a way to simply put either your Instagram #Hashtag feed or User feed photos right on your free RunSignUp Race Website. As shown on the right is shows the latest 12 photos and allows visitors to click on them and open them in Instagram individually. We do caching of these images for […]

Orkeeswa XC Invitational

I just got back from visiting my daughter in Tanzania.  She is over there for a year teaching English in a remote Massai village with the Orkeeswa School.  She started a running club after school.  The club participated in the Half Marathon and 5K at the Kilimanjaro Marathon in February.  On June 9, they held […]