Photo Bib Management

Note: This feature has been updated with Photos 2.0. Learn more:

Screen Shot 2016-08-23 at 10.03.25 PMWe have added several tools to help manage the automatic bib tagging that we do with Google Vision (since it is not quite as smart as a human, but a lot faster and cheaper). This is done on a per photo location basis under Bib Management as shown on the right.

Remove Invalid Bib Numbers
069058e0-695c-11e6-8fc9-a3faf0503923This utility automatically removes bib numbers that are not within a range as shown below. Note that the best way to set up your bib numbers is to have a unique number of digits – for example only 100-999 or 1000-9999 or 10000-50000.  This will eliminate all “partial reads” – for example only seeing 2 digits (like 38) when a runners hand is in front of the other digit of a 3 digit number like 384.

Remove Frequent Bib Numbers

Sometimes all bibs might have the year “2016” printed on the bib.  Or the photographer might get a 45 MPH speed sign in the background of all of the photos. We pick up these frequent numbers and give you the chance to delete all of those references. Simply click on the red “x” to remove those tags.


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