Photo Bib Management

Note: This feature has been updated with Photos 2.0. Learn more: We have added several tools to help manage the automatic bib tagging that we do with Google Vision (since it is not quite as smart as a human, but a lot faster and cheaper). This is done on a per photo location basis […]

Immigration Reform Pilgrimage Uses RaceJoy’s Live Tracking

The el Camino del Inmigrante began its inaugural 150 mile pilgrimage this past Saturday with dozens of people making the trek from the Mexico/United States border to Los Angeles. Participants are showing their support for immigration reform and to pay tribute to those who have died while attempting to immigrate to the United States. Event […]

RaceJoy Overview Video for Race Organizers

Below is a new video we just put out that provides an overview of RaceJoy for race organizers thinking of offering advanced runner tracking for their event. The video is about 12 minutes and covers RaceJoy’s key features of live continuous tracking, GPS-based progress alerts and cheer sending. It also covers the additional value the […]

Automatically create Fundraising Page for Imported Participants

We have added an option that automatically creates a fundraising page when importing participants. This option is only visible for races that have donations set up and allow fundraisers. Note you can set up standard options like Fundraising Goals and Donor Lists. When a participant is imported, if there is an email associated with the […]

Multiple Fundraising Captains

We have added the ability for a Team Fundraising Captain to give access to additional Captains. This is a nice feature for large fundraising teams or corporations where multiple people need access to the team fundraising page. This feature is something that the fundraising captain has access to update on their end, through their RunSignUp profile by […]

Year-Over-Year Fundraising and Donation Report

We have added a Year-Over-Year fundraising and donation report. The report can be access under Donations>>Reports. In the ACTIONS drop-down menu, select Year Over Year Summary. Then, select the Donation Periods you want to compare and hit GENERATE REPORT: This will give you the YOY summary report to compare donation counts, quantities, individual and team fundraiser comparisons, […]

Manual Donation Entry by Bib Number

We have added a bib number field to the Manual Donation Entry screen. This is a quick way to tie offline donations to fundraisers after bib numbers have been assigned: Under Donations>>Manual, click the ADD MANUAL DONATION button. In the pop-up, simply type in the runners bib number and hit SEARCH: RunSignUp will automatically populate […]

Administrator Password for Relay Teams

We have added a setting that allows an administrator password to override Group/Team passwords during onsite registration. We received feedback that many team members don’t actually know their relay team password, which can be confusing during onsite/race day registration. This administrator password can be added in the Kiosk Settings under Go Race Day>>Race Day Registration>>Kiosk Mode. […]

Kensington Marathon Delivers Mobile Results in RaceJoy!

­­­­This past weekend the Kensington Marathon in Milford, Michigan offered RaceJoy as part of its service for participants and spectators. Runners and supporting friends and family were treated to RaceJoy’s advanced GPS tracking, every mile progress alerts and cheers. In addition, the race delivered scored results through RaceJoy providing participants with quick and convenient access to […]

Fundraiser Milestones

We have added “Fundraiser Milestones” as an option in the donation set-up. These are milestones that will display on fundraiser pages once a fundraising threshold has been met. With each milestone, you can set a number of stars to display and milestone text. The Milestones can be set-up under Donations>>Set-up: Once each milestone is reached, the stars […]

Alphabetize Option for Custom Questions

We have added an “ALPHABETIZE” button for checkbox, radio button, and select-menu custom questions. This is a great feature for race directors that add additional question responses after registration is open or just have a long list of responses that aren’t in a certain order. Once you have added the question responses, you can click the […]