Min/Max Volunteer Wording

We had a suggestion from the Best in the West race series:

Language on the sign up page: I like the minimum maximum feature you offer.

  • When I have the minimum and maximum set as the same number the display to people browsing positions is “ (0 total / 1 more needed) “ This is great.
  • When there is no maximum, the page shows “# volunteer(s) needed” It would be great if this said “at least 1 volunteer needed”.
  • Also, when there is no maximum, but the minimum has been met, it just shows no text about how many are signed up. Here, it would be nice if it said “minimum has been met”
  • When the minimum has been met and the max has not, it says “# volunteer(s) needed”. Again, this would be good if it said “minimum met, up to ___ allowed” or something to that effect.

As it stands, it just looks more urgent to fill a position that has the minimum met than on that has no one. As such, I set all of mine to have the minimum and maximum the same.

We have implemented these suggestions.  Here is an example:


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