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Race Calendar Widget Update

We have made an update to allow links in the Race Calendar Widget used by stores, clubs and timing sites to open up a new browser Tab directly to the RunSignUp Race page. The setting is found under the Partner Dashboard under Widget -> Widget Style:

RaceJoy Debuts Race Calendar Release

Industry’s Leading Race Day Tracking App Announces Race Search Tool RunSignUp’s RaceJoy announces its newest release of RaceJoy, the leading real-time tracking app for running and cycling events. RaceJoy’s new version now offers runners and cyclists with a convenient race calendar of upcoming events. All race events that use RunSignUp’s registration services will automatically appear... Continue Reading →

Hide Virtual Races on Calendar Widgets

We have added an option to remove the listing of virtual races from Race Calendar widgets that many clubs, timers and websites use to show a list of races in their area.  This option appears in the Calendar configuration area where you set up your widgets.

Calendar Widget Updates

You can now include and exclude specific Timer races in addition to races in our Race Calendar Widget. This makes it easier for a timer to have a calendar of all the races they time. We have also added an option to include only specific races. Here is the new setup:

Race Calendar Options

Race Calendar Widgets are a quick and easy way for running stores, clubs and timers to put a list of races on their website. We have added a few options to allow for: Customize title to something other than "Race" - this is useful for Clubs who might have a training run calendar Highlight specific... Continue Reading →

Updated Calendar Widget

We rolled out a  new look and feel to the Calendar widget this morning. The new calendar looks better and is easier for users. There were no changes needed on the websites that used the widget. The Calendar widget is perfect for running stores or running clubs so they can put a list of local... Continue Reading →