Interview with Brad McCleary of Bodies Race Company

Bodies Race Company is an event production company out of Kansas City that recently franchised to spread out across the country.

We sat down to talk to their President Brad McCleary to talk about how they use RunSignup to support and manage franchises across the country.


Q: What’s a promotion that you’ve found to be very successful?

A: Our biggest promotion is our series – we sell a 10-pack series every year. We sell it before the year happens – around Thanksgiving, we sell next year’s Holiday Series. So, we’re selling races throughout the whole year, starting the year prior – that’s super successful because we have a baseline all year round.

Q: How do events that you work with handle a race website?

A: We tell all the races that we work with not to even worry about having a professional build their website (or even put it on their organization page – whether it’s a school or a church). We tell them just to focus on using RunSignup.


Q: As a partner, how do you use technology to support your franchises and create consistency?

A: We love the calendar function – it pulls all the surrounding events. This is extremely helpful to us, because as a franchise company, we’re able to offer a thorough event calendar in all our locations that highlights all of our races and the races we work with – with no work on our end.

We do the same thing for results. Any race that they’ve worked with and uploaded results, it is now listed on their website. It looks incredibly custom, and it takes us no time.


Q: What technology do you use on RaceDay?

A: We do registration (Kiosk Mode). We upload results, which is fantastic because that keeps lines down – people get a text message or an email right after crossing the finish line. And, we’re able to offer it on several computers – whether it’s an award station or one of our volunteers just giving someone their results, we’re able to offer live results and awards with the RunSignup tools. It’s very cool.

Q: What’s your favorite RunSignup feature?

A: My favorite RunSignup feature used to be the how much independence we could give to third party races, because that clears up so much of our plate. But now, it’s probably the Super-Partner function that we have with out franchise company. So at any point, I’m able to pull reports to see how any of our franchises locations are doing, in addition to the races they work with. It’s incredibly empowering to be able to pull that from anywhere, at any time.




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