Who Should Receive the Proceeds for a Race?

RunSignup makes it convenient for sponsoring entities or their authorized representatives (including timers and event management companies) to receive the registration proceeds for races. Either the sponsoring entity or the authorized representative can set up a payment account with RunSignup and receive registration proceeds for a race. However, there are some things you may want […]

New Race Financial Reports

We have done a major overhaul on our Financial Reports. The Summary page now gives a quick overview with 3 tabs to drill down on: Transactions – these are focused on the individual transactions that have been processed on behalf of your race. Payments – These are a list of all the payments that have […]

Payment System Updates Coming

We rolled out our new payment system a couple of months ago based on our new role as a Payment Facilitator. This brought a number of benefits to new races such as faster payments, better reporting, better refund processing, better statements to runners signing up for your race on their credit card bill, etc. But […]

Creating a New Payment Account

With the coming release of our new Payment System, we have updated the process of entering your payment information. Payment information is collected in Step 6 of the Wizard. You have 3 choices when setting up your race: Set up the Payment information and enable transactions. Setup Later and disable transactions until later. Setup Later […]

Setting Up Direct Payments for Multiple Race Organizers

We have made it simple for organizations putting on multiple races to make payments to a single bank account and sub-merchant ID. For a full background on Direct Payments, read this blog. You will be matching up two separate items when on you create a new race – Payment Information and Merchant Information. We show […]

Moving to Direct Payments

Our new Direct Payments system has become the preferred method for race payments. ¬†It gets the money into your bank account quicker, is more automated, and it is the direction the credit card industry is guiding the online registration business. See RunSignUp Payment Details¬†for full instructions on how to set this up for your race […]