New Race Financial Reports

DollarWe have done a major overhaul on our Financial Reports. The Summary page now gives a quick overview with 3 tabs to drill down on:

  • Transactions – these are focused on the individual transactions that have been processed on behalf of your race.
  • Payments – These are a list of all the payments that have been made to your race with many drill down reports.
  • Payment Accounts – This is where you can get information about the account we make payment to. This is also helpful for organizations that have multiple races and allows you to see how a payment was broken between multiple races.

Financial Summary

The above screen shot shows a financial summary page for a race. In the middle, there is a button to view a Detailed Summary:

Detailed Summary

Clicking on the “Show Excel” button downloads this report:

Excel Financial Summary

If you click the Show Quantities button in the upper right corner it shows the quantities:

Detailed Financial Summary with Counts

The second major tab shows Payment Information. This will look slightly different depending on your Payment Account type and payment frequency. It shows a quick summary of how many payments for the selected period (defaults to current race period – typically this year’s race, but you can switch event dates at the top of the page). Below are a variety of ways to look at your payment information, as well as drill down on specific areas like donations:


The Summary Payment Report downloads an Excel spreadsheet that shows each payment in rows, and the various types of transactions that your race had as columns (there can be about 30 if you have a lot of options) like registrations, donations, store items, coupons, etc. To the right it shows the breakdown by event. Note the Tabs at the bottom of the spreadsheet that allow you to drill down on each payment:

Summary Payment Excel

We spent a LOT of time working on the Detailed Payment Report. It first asks you to select a specific payment and then shows you all of the details of that payment. It shows a unit price, quantity and total for each type of thing your race offers, as well as anything like refund account holdbacks that affect your individual payment:

Detailed Payment Excel 1

Detailed Payment Excel 2

The Individual Payment Summary can be used if you do not have Excel or want a quicker and higher level view of the payment:

Individual Payment Summary

Note the Overall version of this is useful for organizations with multiple races on the same payment account. For example:

Multi-Race Payment Summary

The Event Summary shows a similar version of the above two reports for the race by event (5K, 10K, etc.). The Race Date Summary shows multiple years on a single page in summary fashion.

Race Payments List shows a list of Payments with quick links by each payment to the various reports above:

Race Payments List

One of the links on the right – View Race Transactions – shows the transactions that make up that payment. This works best for races using Advanced Payment since we are able to specifically match a a transaction.

Transactions in a Payment

The second section of Payment Reports drill down into specific transaction types. These are fairly self-explanatory and cover:

  • Transactions
  • Registrations
  • Donations
  • Store Items (not Add-ons – those can be seen either int he Add-on report or the detailed reports shown in the first section)
  • Corporate Team Payments
  • Refunds
  • Holdbacks
  • Adjustments

The final tab is the Payment Account information.

Payment Account

If you have multiple races, this can be a useful tab to understand payments being made for multiple races, for example:

Payment Account

Thanks to all of the races who helped feed us requirements for these changes. We hope you find them useful (because we spent a lot of time on them)!

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