How RunSignup Can Grow Your Event

With some lingering instability in the endurance event market, the key question we are hearing from race directors is how can you help me grow my event? The good news? RunSignup offers you a multitude of tools designed to help you rebuild and grow your events. Before we dive into the tools available to you, […]

Ending Support for Google Tag Manager

We are going to be ending support for Google Tag Manager the second week of November, 2020 (next week) to allow time for customers to migrate to our purpose built integrations for the wide variety of ad tracking tools we already support. These direct integrations provide superior integration (for example tracking conversion $), and are […]

More Ad Marketing Conversion Codes

We have added some new marketing ad conversion codes: Microsoft Bing MLive Tracking Shop Socially Townsquare Media The current full list is on the right. If you have one that you use, let us know and we can add it. If you don’t do web marketing yet, please consider using one of the ones we […]

Google Tag Manager Support

We have added Google Tag Manager support to our long list of ad a analytic tracking mechanisms. Google Tag Manager lets you launch new tags any time with a few clicks, so you never miss a measurement or marketing opportunity, and is being used more frequently by race management companies who are fully utilizing web analytics.

RaceJoy Overview Video for Race Organizers

Below is a new video we just put out that provides an overview of RaceJoy for race organizers thinking of offering advanced runner tracking for their event. The video is about 12 minutes and covers RaceJoy’s key features of live continuous tracking, GPS-based progress alerts and cheer sending. It also covers the additional value the […]

RunSignUp Race Day Results Now in RaceJoy!

RunSignUp is continually bringing innovation to the race industry, and as one of the many announcements at its annual symposium, it is rolling out the delivery of mobile results through its industry leading tracking app, RaceJoy. RunSignUp customers who utilize its Race Day Results service can now deliver these through RaceJoy’s mobile platform. Races using […]

Google Universal Analytics

We have added support for the new Google Universal Analytics tracking. This is particularly important for races with their own websites who either have a RunSignUp widget or redirect to the RunSignUp site for registration. If you use an old Google Analytics tracking mechanism, it is now suggested by Google to upgrade. The new tracking […]

RunSignUp & Google Analytics

RunSignUp has just released our initial integration with Google Analytics! This feature is available under your race dashboard under “Promotion” -> “Google Analytics”. This new release will allow you to see the number of pageviews, and unique visitors that hit your RunSignUp Race Info page. Future updates will provide more information about pages throughout the […]

Tracking Ad Conversions

An increasing number of races are using ads to bring more runners to their events. RunSignUp now offers you a simple way to track your conversions! We allow you to track conversions from Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Adroll and Google Remarketing. If you are new to web advertising, you might want to take a look at […]