RunSignUp Race Day Results Now in RaceJoy!

RunSignUp is continually bringing innovation to the race industry, and as one of the many announcements at its annual symposium, it is rolling out the delivery of mobile results through its industry leading tracking app, RaceJoy. RunSignUp customers who utilize its Race Day Results service can now deliver these through RaceJoy’s mobile platform. Races using RunSignUp Results can deliver results data through all key communication vehicles – text, email and mobile – giving participants convenient and immediate access to scored results information.

With this integration, live results data is available immediately in RaceJoy as data is posted to RunSignUp Race Day Results. RaceJoy deploys a user friendly results display for participants and spectators, and people can quickly search and view detailed individual participant results in addition to age group and leader divisions result lists.


Race organizers, timers and race management service providers have shown a high interest in offering their races the delivery of results on a mobile platform. This gives them the tool to issue immediate results along with all the innovative benefits of RaceJoy:

  • Real-time live phone tracking
  • GPS-based progress alerts
  • Cheer sending
  • Sponsor in-app advertising
  •  Advertising for the race

RunSignUp race events can easily turn on mobile results in RaceJoy’s set up section or from the the Results area on RunSignUp’s dashboard. Current requirements are that Race Day Results are posted to RunSignUp with Divisions Setup and the race has enabled RaceJoy for live course tracking with GPS-based progress alerts.

Click here for more information about RunSignUp’s Race Day Results. More information about RaceJoy can be found here.


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