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RunSignUp Achieves Record Performance for Runner Registration and Results

RunSignUp completes Scalability Project.  Demonstrates registering 50,000 runners in 7 Minutes and 120,000 Results Lookups per Minute.  Creates new offering for Large Races. Moorestown, NJ – January 21, 2013 – RunSignUp, the leading innovator of online tools for Races and Running Clubs, today announced record performance for registration and result searches at the ChronoTrack Conference... Continue Reading →

50,000 Registered Users in 7 Minutes!

Our Scalability project has reached success!  We have eclipsed our goal of doing 50,000 registrations in 10 minutes - completing the task in only 7 minutes.  This means RunSignUp is simply the most scalable registration system in the world - able to meet the needs of the largest races.  And combined with our robust Participant... Continue Reading →

More Reliability!

We did a very interesting upgrade today on RunSignUp.  In technical terms, we added something called Session Replication.  And we did this across two Amazon Availability Zones by duplicating our memcache session servers. What this means is that if one of Amazon's Cloud data centers goes out, users are automatically switched to the other data... Continue Reading →

Scalability Update

We still have a lot of work to do, but the progress so far is really good. We have a great test suite designed where we can deploy any number of test servers to emulate any number of runners registering for a race.  We can also deploy any number of webservers to handle the load.... Continue Reading →

Still Running!

It is a bad day for some of the Amazon Cloud (see this for a report how Reddit, Airbnb, Github, CourseEra, Flipboard and many more went down). Fortunately, we have been working on expanding our redundancy and failover.  And this was a good test of these expanded capabilities.  We were able to survive without manual... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp Reliability Update

We have recently done a number of upgrades to our infrastructure to try to improve our service.  As discussed in an earlier blog, we are trying to be transparent on how we operate. One of the biggest things that worries us about providing our service is what happens if it goes down when our customers... Continue Reading →

Monitoring RunSignUp

We recently did a major upgrade of our management and monitoring tools to use New Relic.  It provides us a number of things: Monitoring & Alerting.  We had been depending on our own simple scripts for this.  This now monitors the site every 1 minute and alerts us if there is a problem. SLA.  We... Continue Reading →

RunSignUp Availability update

One of the things we want to do at RunSignUp is be pretty transparent about how we operate.  It helps us understand what is good and what we can improve upon in a direct fashion. As you may know, we run on the Amazon Cloud.  This gives us a large number of advantages in terms... Continue Reading →

Scaling RunSignUp

We have started working on the scalability of RunSignUp.  This is a major project for us this summer, building on our move to the Cloud from this past winter.  We have implemented a bunch of caching and other performance optimizations over the past couple of months.  Users have been seeing this in increasingly fast page... Continue Reading →