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Email Trends

With the recent release of RaceInsights, we are giving customers in depth insight into how your marketing efforts are being received. But how is your race doing compared with others? What can you learn from others? In February, we will be releasing the Second Edition of our Race Trends analysis at Running USA that looks... Continue Reading →

Registration Web Referral Source

We released a major step forward with our Race Analytics engine today - showing web referral sources for Registrations and Transaction Dollars. This is all built on our big RunSignUp Analytics engine that is tracking each click that happens on your race website. Just like Google Analytics, we are tracking theĀ  web referral source -... Continue Reading →

Transaction Amounts in Dashboard

As promised last week, transaction dollars are now showing in the dashboard: And, there is attribution for where the registration came from for Emails. As the note says, web referrals (the website source like Facebook, Google or will be coming soon! In the above example, we know that $1,315 was processed on 84 registrations... Continue Reading →

Email Analytics for Registrations

We have expanded our RunSignUp Analytics Platform to show registrations tied to each email. This will show you in detail how each email you send, and each automated email that is sent (price increases and incomplete registrations for example) performs. This type of analysis will be extended over the coming months to also include transaction... Continue Reading →

Referral Source Added to Dashboard

We are beginning to roll out the ability for races to see where their pageviews (and soon their registrations and transactions $ are coming from. This is all driven by our RunSignUp Analytics engine that tightly integrates promotion and web analytic data to your race registration data. This initial release shows the raw website URL... Continue Reading →

Promotion Dashboard Enhancements

We have added time selectors and a summary count for Pageviews to the Promotion Dashboard. We will have other goodies in time for the RunSignUp Symposium next week! This is all based on our new RunSignUp Analytics engine.

Photo Views

Starting today, photo views are now being tracked on a per location basis with the new RunSignUp Analytics engine.