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Waiver Options Expanded

Just when we think we have seen all the options people want, we get some more! The latest addition allows for multiple people to register together, but only the primary person can sign the waiver since and each additional person is sent an email to complete their own waiver signature. Here is the new setup... Continue Reading →

USAT Automated Waiver Enhancements

As every USA Triathlon race director knows, collecting Waivers is important (and a bit frustrating at times!). We have worked with USAT to further streamline and automate the process with the following additions: 1.  Forced Waiver Signature.  If this is combined with the option we have had for a while to only allow one registration... Continue Reading →

Waiver Options

Over the past couple of months, RunSignUp has introduced several powerful options for waiver requirements that your race may want to use. This blog reviews all of the current options. DISCLAIMER: We are not lawyers and can not warrant our default waiver will cover all of your needs. Likewise, with the options below we are not... Continue Reading →

Waiver Now Available per Registrant

You can now easily see when each participant signed their waiver, and we save the text of the waiver that was signed. You can find this on the Participant Management page (View Participants, search and then click on "Manage") for each participant at the bottom.

Unsigned USAT Waivers

We've heard a little confusion about the USA Triathlon Integration that we released in December.  To clarify the USAT mandated process (and how you may have ended up with unsigned waivers): Your athletes are prompted to sign the waiver within registration.  However, to comply with USAT requirements, there is also an option to sign the... Continue Reading →