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WaiverOver the past couple of months, RunSignUp has introduced several powerful options for waiver requirements that your race may want to use. This blog reviews all of the current options.

DISCLAIMER: We are not lawyers and can not warrant our default waiver will cover all of your needs. Likewise, with the options below we are not claiming that any of these are needed or that any of them will meet your needs in courts of law. Note also that the USA Triathlon waiver is a separate (additional) process from the race waiver and is not covered in this blog.

Create WaiverThe Basics
First, each race can set up their own waiver as part of the Race Wizard Registration step. We include a fairly simple default waiver that was used by a customer who gave us permission to reuse. You can simply type your own waiver into the text box in the Registration Step of the Wizard.

The default acknowledgement of the Waiver is a simple checkbox that you can see on the first image in this blog with the words: “By checking this box, I agree to the waiver and that I am 18 or older, or that I have the authority to register there participants and agree to the waiver for them.”

Waiver ReprotThe Participant Report offers a column to see when the waiver was signed as shown in the sample on the right. As you add more advanced features below, there are mechanisms to find part participants who have not signed their waiver (although int he default mode the person doing the registration is basically agreeing to the waiver on behalf of all participants).

Advanced Waiver Options:

In the wizard on the Registration step, there are a variety of options you can choose from for more advanced waiver capabilities:

Waiver Options

The options are pretty self explanatory as laid out above.  You can choose one of the options for having each registrant recorded by checkbox or having them also enter their name/Initials and Date of Birth or todays date in a variety of combinations. RunSignUp will confirm that the signature or initials and date matches. Here is an example of requiring the name for each registrant looks like:

Waiver Signatures for each participant

Signing Waiver Later
Waiver LaterIn the setup screen, you will note the checkbox at the bottom that allows participants to sign the waiver later. As shown to the right, an email is sent to the participant that still needs to sign their waiver. The person will receive an email that looks like this:

Waiver to sign Email

Before the waiver is signed, the Participant Report will look like this, showing that Allison does not have a signed waiver.

Unsigned Waiver Report

When the link in the email is signed, they are sent to a page that looks like this to complete the signing of their waiver:

Waiver Signature

Race Check-In of Waivers
Check-In OptionsThe Check-In popup can be customized to show whether the waiver has been signed or not. This can initiate a simple process to have participants sign a paper waiver on site. Here is what the pop-up looks like:

Check-In Waiver

In summary, RunSignUp provides a full range of options for your race regarding waiver options.

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