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Create Promotions for your Ticket Event

You can now send promotional emails for your Ticket Event to a CRM list, which can include participants from your races, donors, and/or fundraisers. This is a powerful way to cross-promote different types of events to various groups of supporters with targeted messaging and incentives. This blog walks you through how to send a promotional... Continue Reading →

Webinar Recap: Turkey Trot Master Class

Watch Webinar Recording Download RaceDay Checklist View Webinar Slides Thanksgiving Day is the largest running day in the United States! Are you ready to stand out from this crowd? Today's webinar covered the path to Turkey Day Greatness: Bib Assignment: Simplify the bib assignment processRaceDay Registration: Increase race revenue and decrease workloadRaceDay CheckIn: Improve participants'... Continue Reading →

RaceDay Scoring September Update

Timers! Get the latest update on RaceDay Scoring with this webinar provided by RunSignup's Matt Avery. Our developers are working at a steady clip to bring you the best scoring software in the industry.  Some of the most recent changes include: Added RunSignup Result Links in Report List RowsFor each Report that is sending results... Continue Reading →

Q3 2019 RunSignup Results

We do a quarterly update on how things are going with RunSignup (2016, Q1/17, Q2/17, Q3/17, 2017, Q1/18, Q2/18, Q3/18, 2018, Q1/19 and Q2/19). The good news is that more races, timing companies, and nonprofits continue to recommend us. And we keep putting out great technology our customers seem to like! Q3 is always busy for us with our annual RunSignup Summer Symposium where 293 people... Continue Reading →

Infrastructure Upgrade

Over the past couple of weeks the RunSignup and GiveSignup infrastructure has gone thru a large upgrade. The good news is that there has been no downtime! Also, the site speed has increased a bit as well and just squeaked under 2 seconds last week when there were over 5 Million Pageviews, even though speed... Continue Reading →

RunSignup September Newsletter 2019

Powerful New Source Tracking From RaceCRM and RaceInsights Track Registration Source by Individual Race Directors have a new tool to build better, more intelligent marketing campaigns with new RaceInsights data accessible from the RaceCRM. RaceInsights is the engine that tracks traffic source (such as Facebook, a specific email, or a custom digital marketing activity) to... Continue Reading →

User Experience Guiding Principles

We always share our User Experience Guiding Principles at the RunSignup Symposium every year, when we do our annual User Experience presentation. It occurred to us that we've never blogged them, so here it goes... Many user experience teams have a wonderful manifesto, featuring illustrations, and examples, even videos. Their principles are sometimes baked into... Continue Reading →

Welcome, Michael & James!

Michael Cimperman and James Armington are joining the RunSignup team as Account Managers. Both have experience in the endurance industry, having previously worked as ChronoTrack Account Managers and will use their knowledge to provide support to timers utilizing the RunSignup system. Michael (aka Cimp - but never Mike) grew up in northeastern Ohio and is... Continue Reading →