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Ticket Event Cover Pages

With GiveSignup's ticket event websites, any nonprofit can create a real website for their ticket event(s) with a custom domain or subdomain, built-in security, mobile responsiveness, SEO optimization, and integrated event information. Cover pages take branding to the next level, with an easy point-and-click builder that allows a nonprofit to build a unique landing page... Continue Reading →

Sponsors Cover Page Component

We now make it super easy to add sponsors to your cover page as yet another data component. This takes full advantage of the RunSignup Sponsor capability to manage your sponsors - creating custom sponsor levels, inviting sponsors to manage their own information, invoicing and collecting payments, managing real time visibility and providing reporting to... Continue Reading →

Website Cover Page Data Components

As discussed when we first announced Cover Pages, we are beginning to add live data components to cover pages. We have added three, with many more to come over the next two months: Event Tiles - the squares that appear on a normal race or nonprofit ticket website now appear on your cover page.Top FundraisersSocial... Continue Reading →

ICYMI: Cover Pages Webinar

Missed today's Cover Pages Webinar? Don't worry, we're posting it here so you can hear the good stuff! Below you will find a button that will take you to the webinar, and another button that will take you to the slide deck. Watch the Webinar View the Slides Do you feel like your race website... Continue Reading →

Using SubDomains with RunSignup Websites

In addition to Domains, you can also use SubDomains with RunSignup Websites. This can be very powerful if you already have a primary website and want to reinforce that brand, or you have multiple events on RunSignup and you want to tie them all together with the feel of a single website and domain name.... Continue Reading →

Google Domains Website Example

This feature will be publicly released in mid April, 2019. RunSignup is offering “BYO Domain” to our free website hosting for races and nonprofits. In this example, we bought the domain name on Google Domains, and then pointed that domain to RunsignUp so that name can be used in addition to This blog covers the... Continue Reading →