Using our own Free Race Websites

Over the past few weeks, we have had to put out a LOT of information quickly. We wanted to do that with a website. However, our main website has a lot of restrictions on it for PCI compliance purposes where every line of change requires code review and special deployment procedures. This put several people and processes between a content author and the public seeing it.

We turned to our own free Race Websites capability. They gave us the following benefits:

  • Free
  • Easy to add content
  • Looks good
  • Any of us could add (or correct) content
  • Changes are immediate with no overhead or cost
  • Comply with privacy laws

We have put out three websites with dozens of pages of content. Each is basically a race that is customized with a nice looking cover page, plenty of custom content, configurable menu items, configurable “SignUp” button, and more. Here they are…

Hopefully this gives you some inspiration to explore our free race website hosting capability. Just bring your own URL, and we will host your whole website, including SSL certificate, making it PCI, CCPA and COPPA compliant as well as letting you put all the information your participants need in one place. And you can have total control yourself – need to make a change, it appears instantly.

And we continue to make improvements. Here are a few from the last couple of months:

So your race website gets free upgrades on a continual basis. How long has it been since your race website was upgraded?

Oh, and did we make it clear enough this is free, and a great way for you to save money? Check out the website as an example of a free race website – showing how to combine information, graphics, videos, photos, results and registration all in one place.

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