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We are releasing a Postponement tool to help events better manage the impact of Coronavirus. It presents options to your participants in a pop-up and on your main race page. Tomorrow we will release similar capability with email notification. We will also be taking feedback on this tool to make it better over the coming days, but we wanted to get it out as soon as possible.

We are also developing a website (still in progress!) on how to put together a plan for your event, as well as show other options that are more advanced than this postponement tool –

The Popup is customizable. This is an example with all default options turned on. Note you can change the wording on any of this to give more customized messaging to your participants.

You can set this up in your race dashboard:

Clicking on the Setup Cancellation, you will have 3 choices – Postpone, Go Virtual and Cancel. Choosing each one will slightly change the options below.

For Postponing, there are three common options:

  • Set the date to next year if you are going to not try to have your race this year. This is fairly common in our early feedback of what races are doing.
  • TBD – If you are going to try to reschedule later, then you can simply mark TBD. You can change this later once you have a date locked down.
  • Set Date.

Note that setting the date will do a strike-thru wherever a date is shown to participants on your website:

Next, you can set up your option you will give participants. We have 4 default options, although they take no real action other than collecting information from customers. This means you can change each option totally and name it something else – like “Transfer to Race XYZ” that is being held in the fall. You will be able to get a report that you can then use to transfer participants with our various other tools.

Clicking on each one will open editable title and explanation.

What Participants See

Participants will see the options either on the pop-up or in the race website:

If you are logged in, then clicking continue presents a list of participants so people can check themselves off easily:

People staying in the race will not be able to change their answer once they have selected it.

Note the option on this selection list will mirror what the participant selected on the popup. In this case, a virtual race option:

Participants who are not logged in see a page like this:

If they enter their email, they will receive an email that allows them to confirm who they are:


We provide two reports to you. The first shows who has confirmed thru a logged in process.

The second show the people who entered their emails, but never completed the final confirmation while logged in. This includes both people who typed in the wrong email and those who got the proper information, but did not compelete:

We hope these tools are useful to your race. The key is communication to try to minimize chargebacks, which are expensive and will

2 thoughts on “Postponement Tool

  • An email option to inform participants of COVID19 cancel/postpone is referenced in the blogpost and I haven’t found it yet on the RSU website. I’m visualizing a special email where this same ability to answer these key questions are embedded in the email and will also create a report. Has that template been created and I just can’t find it?
    Also wondering about the Postponement tool and how I can save the text pieces without going straight to posting on the cover page. Probably just not finding the correct box to click.

    • It is an option under the Postpone/Cancel menu. If you want more customization, just use the email marketing tool. This one was meant to be quick and easy.

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