File Upload Reports

Races that allow or require files to be uploaded with their registration can now create participant reports that include the URL for each uploaded file. This saves event organizers time by allowing for quick file upload reviews for all participants on one or very few screens with minimal clicks. Prior to this release, users were […]

Payment Account Reporting: Add-ons and Store Items

We’ve added 2 new line items to the payment account report’s funds transfer reconciliation report. There are now 2 breakdown items under transactions that allow you to export a report of add-ons and a report of store items across all of your races per funds transfer. You can view this report when you navigate to […]

Understanding the Financial Summary Page

Races have a Financial Summary page that has drawn more attention than usual. Let’s take a look at a simple use case to understand the basics. We will also take a look at the Payment Account, which is where you can see your estimated next payment. Transactions: $62,836.27 – This line is the total transactions […]

Advanced Running Project: A Case Study

Encouraging healthy communities through best-in-class races About Advanced Running Project Advanced Running Project was founded by Brandon Hough in 2018 with the goal to provide runners with best-in-class races to create healthier communities. After working for some larger races, Hough focused on creating great races to sponsor local elite runners. Started by a runner for […]

Ticket Event Reports and Management

Each ticket event has its own Event Dashboard, where you can see data related to the event’s ticket sales, transactions, and attendees on customizable graphs and reports. The event dashboard gives you a quick view on how ticket sales are performing: Using this for multiple years will allow you to track year-over-year comparisons quickly and […]

Donation Features for Nonprofits

Our new donation features for nonprofits make it easy to raise more money in less time. Currently, we have a donation feature for ticket events, which are available to members of the Early Adopter Program. Supporters can donate during ticket purchase, as well as through a button on your event website, helping to maximize the […]

Nonprofit Dashboard

The Nonprofit Dashboard is one of the new features we are developing for our nonprofit customers. It will be publicly available in mid-July. Until then, only customers who are part of the Early Adopter Program will have access to it. It provides a central platform where nonprofits can see consolidated reporting across all of their […]

Custom Partner Dashboard Charts

Larger race organizations that operate large or multiple races have a need for more detailed analytics and quick views to see how they are doing. We have provided a number of reports to help with this over the years, but they were never customizable and not all in one place – until this coming week! […]

Custom Columns for Participant Report

We have added a way to easily customize Column Names/Headings as well as order on the Participant Report. For example, change this default view: to this: This first step in creating a custom report view is to Save the Report after you have selected the search criteria and fields you want: Once it is Saved, […]

Repeat Participant Data in Participant Reports

We have added a way to view the repeat participant counts in your participant reports. To view this information, you must first unhide the fields in the report options. You can do this by going to Participants>>View Participants. Select the Report Options drop-down menu and select Hidden Fields: Next, choose which options you would like […]

Race Analytics Dashboard

The Race Analytics Dashboard has released a flurry of new capabilities to help races understand their promotion, demographics, registrations and transactions better. (You may also have noted the nice progress on the overall User Experience of the race dashboard with the new fresh colors.) There are now more than 15 graphs giving you a quick […]

Custom Question Reporting

We have expanded the Participant Report to easily do a search based on Custom Questions. We added a button on the Search All Fields to filter on Questions. When this button is clicked, all of your custom questions that have optional answers (not free form word answers) show: Note only one field may be selected […]

Unsubscribed Emails

There is a now a list of unsubscribed emails for Email marketing. This is available in a  report as well as a downloadable CSV. This is helpful if you use other email marketing tools and want to make sure you honor all unsubscribed addresses across various email marketing platforms. This report is available under EMail […]

Undeliverable Addresses

We have added a mechanism for Race Directors to mark addresses as “Undeliverable”. This is convenient for races who want to do physical mailers and want to save postage costs. You can do this by Editing a User (reach this from View participants -> Edit User): In the View Participants, you will need to turn […]

View participant Report Hidden Fields

There is now a new option on the View participants report for “hidden” fields. These are fields that are not commonly used and are not shown when you do a “Show All Columns” since there are about 75 columns. Most new features we add will go into this Hidden Fields area since we are getting […]

Participant Management Usage Statistics

Data is now recorded for the following participant management changes: Waiver Signed USAT Waiver Signed Refund Request Event Transfer Participant to Participant Refund Transfer Participant to Participant Gift Transfer Race Transfer Deferral Giveaway Update Addon Change Custom Question Change Corral Change Transfer Edit Races can find this report here: Partners can find the report here […]

Refund “Issued” Information Added

Since we review all refunds before issuing them, there can be a delay from the time a participant or a race director initiates a refund until it is actually processed. We have added information to the individual registration information at the bottom of the page: As well as the Refund Report: Note that due to […]

Case Study: Erie Runners Club, Big White Trailer, and RunSignUp

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  This Case Study focuses on a commitment to Race Day technology.  View the PDF Version of the Case Study Erie Runners Club, RunSignUp, and Race Day The Erie Runners […]

Participant Report Speed Up

You may have noticed a speed up in the Participant Reports on your race dashboard. We did some optimizations of the queries as part of our infrastructure upgrades. We are also benefiting from the upgrade we made to the Aurora Database yesterday. The database upgrade is probably not noticeable to the human eye. Individual database […]

Team/Group Leaders on Participants Report

You can now add a column to the Participant Report to show the Group/Team leaders for each group. This is just a new field to select in the “Customize View” of the Participant Report Options:   You can then export the data into a Google Sheet or download it into a spreadsheet if you still […]

Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes Case Study

We have a series Customer Case Studies, in which we take your stories and share your challenges and successes as a learning tool for other RunSignUp users.  View the PDF Version of the Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes Case Study Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes and RunSignUp The Semper Fi Fund Community Athletes program uses RunSignUp to […]

Repeat Participant Report – Enhancement

We have made a small enhancement to the Repeat Participant Report at the race level. When viewing the report, you now have the option to “Show previously registered participants not registered for this year.” This will populate a report of participants that have participated in previous years, but haven’t yet registered for this year’s event. This […]

Repeat Participant Reports

We have added a new report to show you the people who come back to your race. If you have multiple years of registration data in RunSignUp (remember you can upload previous years participant information even if this is your first year on RunSignUp), this will show you how many people have run your race […]