Payment Account Reporting: Add-ons and Store Items

We’ve added 2 new line items to the payment account report’s funds transfer reconciliation report. There are now 2 breakdown items under transactions that allow you to export a report of add-ons and a report of store items across all of your races per funds transfer.

You can view this report when you navigate to your Payment Account page. Click on the Payments Tab. Then click View Payments.

Select a Funds Transfer.

Then you can view and drill into any of the details from the funds transfer, including store and add-on items. The addition of these line items in the summary table allows your CFO or finance team to easily reconcile funds transferred from store and add-on items across all races that generated revenue for your organization.

The export will give you the following data in columns:

  • Purchase number
  • Purchase Name, Email, Phone, Billing Address
  • Purchase Date
  • Financial breakdown, including Amount paid, processing fees, coupons used, sales tax, etc.
  • Registration ID (if tied to a registration)
  • Item description
  • Event Name
  • Custom Account Codes (if added to your payment account)

Integrated financial reporting is one of the key advantages of GiveSignup | RunSignup’s unique payment facilitator model. We are able to deliver low-cost processing fees, new features, and integrated and reliable financial reporting to help our customers save money, raise money, and save time.

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