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CRM for Clubs

We have added CRM for Clubs. Now RunSignup and GiveSignup customers can do rich CRM reports across their Race Participants, Donors, Fundraisers, Nonprofit Ticket Holders and Club Members with simple filters. There are several simple filters for Club members: Combined with the other CRM filters, this can allow clubs to understand which members run which... Continue Reading →

Club Header Image Cropping

We have added the ability to quickly crop an image when uploading your Club Membership header. Simply click the image uploader to pick an image: When you pick the image, it will automatically load into this convenient cropping tool that allows you to zoom and move the image so it matches the proper size: Just... Continue Reading →

2019 RRCA Convention Wrap-Up

We just got back from New Orleans, and the 61st Road Runners Club of America (RRCA) Convention! RunSignup's history sponsoring the RRCA Convention goes back so far that no one is *entirely* sure what year it began, but we believe it was 2010 or 2011, when the company was in its infancy. Fun fact: it... Continue Reading →

Club Member Numbers

We have (finally!) made an often repeated request to enable clubs to use specific member numbers that do not change each year. We have given a ton of options, as there seem to be a lot of different ways each club wants to administer their member numbers. Combined with some report restructuring and the new... Continue Reading →

Club Membership Start Date

We have added an option to turn off the option for club membership start date. Before this option, there was always a start date option displayed when people joined a club: With the new option, there is no option. It defaults to either today if a new member, or the day after their current membership... Continue Reading →

Club Age Grouping

We have added Age Range as an option for Memberships. This makes it easier for Clubs to have a Youth Membership or a Senior Membership. It is set on the 4th step of the Club Wizard when defining Club Memberships: