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The Nonprofit Dashboard is one of the new features we are developing for our nonprofit customers. It will be publicly available in mid-July. Until then, only customers who are part of the Early Adopter Program will have access to it. It provides a central platform where nonprofits can see consolidated reporting across all of their races, ticket events, donations and fundraisers. In addition, it offers nonprofits simple ways to segment their activities (e.g., Northeast Region or bike rides) and grant different levels of control and access to others in a flexible, unlimited platform.

There are currently four main functions:

  • Quick Reporting
  • Revenue Sources
  • Donation and Fundraising Reporting
  • Access

Quick Reporting

The Overview page of a Nonprofit Dashboard can be customized by user to show the summary information they want to see. This example shows “Quick Cards” at the top showing Registrations, Tickets, Transactions, and Donations. These can all be customized similarly to the Race and Ticket Event Dashboards so they show the data you want to see.

Screen Shot 2019-05-24 at 3.36.50 PM.png

The Sources Page shows a quick  view of all of your revenue sources – races, events, and donation websites. It also shows partner accounts, payment accounts and race charity pages.

At the top, there are buttons to filter the sources shown by races, ticket events, partner accounts, and payment accounts.

Tags – There is also a powerful Tagging mechanism where one or more tags can be applied to each source. You can then use tags to filter sources.

In this example, we are seeing region tags (Northeast, South, West) and type tags (Ride and Run). Tags can be anything – Dinners, Golf, etc.  These tags will be used in the Access section to easily give people access to certain sources that are tagged appropriately. For example, if you are a larger organization, you might have a team that is in charge of your run/walk/rides only, so they would need access to that tag but not the others.

You can add a tag by going to your Tag List (Dashboard>Access) and clicking the Add Tag button. There you will name your tag and start adding revenue sources to it.

Similarly, it is simple to add people to a tag and determine their access level. You can edit tag access through your Tag List.

Within Tag Details, you can see the Sources and the People:

Clicking Edit Tag Users will allow you to add new users or change their access level.

Donation and Fundraising Reports

Donation and fundraising reports are available for any combination of revenue sources. The sources can be filtered as discussed above by type (race, ticket event, and donation website) and/or by tags. They can be exported as spreadsheets.

The donation report has the following search capabilities:


The donation report shows key information such as the donation ID, donor name, amount, processing fee, and donation level. There are quick links right on the report to actions like refunds or editing so you can make changes.

The fundraiser report shows the fundraiser ID, name, type, contact information, team information, and the amount raised. Both reports present the information in a clean, easy-to-read format.


The Nonprofit Dashboard is very useful for organizations that have multiple people with different needs for accessing and controlling your revenue sources. You can give access to as many people as you want, and can specify exactly which revenue sources they have access to and what level of access they have.


You can add a person easily by sending an invite. You can invite them to be a full owner or with limited access:


If you choose limited access, there are three levels of access they can have, which can vary between tags. (In other words, they could have data access on one tag and financial access on another tag.)

Non-financial access is low security: This person can see data like the total number of signups and number of tickets sold.

Financial access is medium security: This person can see total signup revenue, total donation revenue, and similar financial summary data.

Data access is high security: This person can see all data and access to reporting tools like donors and fundraisers.

You can give a person more than one level of access. In the following example, I am giving Joe non-financial access and data access to the dashboard. This will let him see the number of registrations for races, the number of tickets, the donation reports, etc. However, he would not see how much revenue was raised.

When you look at someone’s Person Details, you will be able to edit, remove, or view all of their access: 


You can also see a summary by all the revenue sources to ensure they have appropriate levels of access:



The combination of tags and access control may be overkill for some nonprofits with smaller staffs and simpler needs, but it gives larger or more complex nonprofits the ability to manage what donation and event data their staff and volunteers get to view.

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