Donation Features for Nonprofits

Our new donation features for nonprofits make it easy to raise more money in less time. Currently, we have a donation feature for ticket events, which are available to members of the Early Adopter Program. Supporters can donate during ticket purchase, as well as through a button on your event website, helping to maximize the revenue generation of your events.

Very soon, we will introduce donation websites, which are customizable sites with the main function of collecting donations. They will be very flexible, which means that nonprofits can create separate websites for different campaigns (like Giving Tuesday). They could also have a single donation website that runs year-round. Smaller nonprofits may even choose to make a donation website their primary website, because the sites are easy to customize and update.

When you set up donations, a new button can appear right on your nonprofit ticket website:

This button allows for standalone donations. Clicking on the Donate button takes you to a configurable donation page that can show as many of the following items as you like:

  • Explanation of your mission
  • Goals
  • Donors
  • Donation levels
  • Donation use categories
  • Custom “on behalf of” wording


Likewise, donations can be accepted during ticket purchases. After they select their tickets and click “Sign Up,” they are sent to the donation screen, where they are able to select an amount of money to donate. Then they click through to the purchase page. This opens up the possibility of turning ticket purchasers into donors as well.

Donation Setup

Setting up donations is simple, but flexible. There are a variety of options available for donation collection.

Start by setting the date, payment account, and message that will appear on the donation page on your nonprofit ticket event website. You may want donations to end when the event does, or you may want to keep them open for year-round fundraising.

You can customize your display settings in the following ways:

  • Set a Donation Goal
  • Display top donors
  • Control anonymous donor visibility to fundraisers

Other options include the ability to hide the “Donate” button on your nonprofit ticket event to make donations available only during ticket purchase. You can also change the billing descriptor to customize what your donors will see on their credit card statement. (They will see two separate transactions if they purchase a ticket and make a donation.) Finally, you can write instructions for accepting offline donations.  

Like ticket purchase information collection, donor information collection is very flexible, allowing for any number of fields to be hidden, shown, or required.

Donation attribution allows donors to indicate who or what their donation honors. They can use “on behalf of,” “in memory of,” or another attribution phrase, and then include a name. Nonprofits are able to customize what the attribution phrase options are. There is also a “Designation” option, so donors can select a specific cause within your nonprofit – in this case “Education” or “Clean Water.”

Donation levels can also be set up:


There are also straightforward, downloadable donation reports:

The report can also be customized through the use of search filters. For example, here is a search for all donations over $100:

Confirmation Emails

Donors will automatically receive emails confirming their donations. The default email looks like this:

You can change the appearance of this email. Go to the Event Dashboard>Event>Notifications>Donation Made. Here, you can change the words or edit the HTML source code for full customization.

Tax Deductible Information

On the Event Dashboard under Donations>Donations Setup, you have the option to add tax deductible information so your supporters can use their donations as tax-deductible contributions. You must enter your nonprofit’s legal name, tax identification number, address, and the percentage of the donation that is tax deductible (almost always 100%). This information will appear in their confirmation

Checkout Donation Add-on

In addition to (or instead of!) having donations in the purchase path of a ticket event, you can add them to the checkout page. You can add up to three different choices.

When checkout page donations are enabled, the bottom of the page looks like this:

This is a good way to collect smaller donations, or to receive donations without making them their own step in the purchase path.

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