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New Charity Download Report

We have added a simple way for Charities to access a full, downloadable report for all of their donation and fundraising information. It appears on their page where they manage their charity. Note this can work for charities that are supported by multiple races as shown in the report example below:

Charity Improvements

We have added better ways to allow multiple people within a charity to have access to their RunSignUp charity account. In addition, we now allow charities to enter in their own manual donations. Charity Access From your Profile, clink on My Charities. There is a new option to grant access to others to see reports... Continue Reading →

Donations and Fundraising from Aut2Run

One thing we frequently hear our Partners warn against is the creation of a Race/Run/Walk for fundraising without fully understanding the creativity and labor required to make such an event profitable. Fundraising events can be labor-intensive time vacuums, but they can also be hugely¬†significant fundraising vehicles¬†when done with the right mix of passion, logistics, and... Continue Reading →