Participant Report Speed Up

Fast RonYou may have noticed a speed up in the Participant Reports on your race dashboard. We did some optimizations of the queries as part of our infrastructure upgrades. We are also benefiting from the upgrade we made to the Aurora Database yesterday.

The database upgrade is probably not noticeable to the human eye. Individual database operations improved about 10-20%, however we are talking improvements from 75 milliseconds to 68 milliseconds, and 185 milliseconds to 152 milliseconds, and from 12.5 milliseconds to 11.5 milliseconds (there are 1,000 milliseconds in a seconds). But little changes like this can add up.

The query optimization was more important to the Participant Report, probably saving a half second to second. The first query of your participants (even with races with 20,000+ participants) should now be under 2 seconds and subsequent queries will be sub-second with fast internet and a decent browser and computer.

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