Waiver Options Expanded

Just when we think we have seen all the options people want, we get some more! The latest addition allows for multiple people to register together, but only the primary person can sign the waiver since and each additional person is sent an email to complete their own waiver signature.

Here is the new setup user interface in Step 3 of the Wizard under Registration:

Wavier Options

This is a bit complex, but we have included full instructions on the various options if you feel your race needs this level of diligence on waivers.

The middle set of buttons appear if you want to acknowledge the waiver for each registrant. They are just options of what shows:

  • Checkbox
  • Full Name of each registrant
  • Full Name and Date of Birth of each¬†registrant
  • Full Name and Current Date of each registrant
  • Initials of each registrant
  • Initials and Date of Birth of each registrant
  • Initials and Current Date of each registrant

It will look something like this:


The next large paragraph will keep the setting above, but allows the registrant to skip signing. This is useful if a person is also signing up their friend or a whole team. RunSignUp will send an email automatically to the participant who there is no signature for:

Waiver Later

The final option asks that only the person filling in the form can sign it. For example if I was signing up my 27 year old daughter, I would not be able to sign it. Note that we automatically check the age to make sure that if my daughter was still under 18 I could sign for her. This would look like this:

Waiver Sign Later

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