USA Cycling Waiver and Membership Support

We have released the ability for non-competitive cycling events that are USAC sanctioned to easily comply with USAC requirements for waiver signature and member number collection and validation. This is not for competitive, categorized races since USAC has an exclusive contract with BikeReg for those. However, a growing number of cycling and gravel events use USAC for insurance purposes. This release helps events comply with insurance waiver rules.

Event Directors can enable this features by searching for “USAC” in the dashboard – it is under the Membership options in Financial Pricing with the other member options for USAT, USATF, US Ski, AARP and soon US Masters Swimming.

We give you the ability to customize the wording that appears to participants. You also enter your USAC Sanction number here. If you want to learn more about USAC Sanctioning and insurance benefits, visit their Permitting Page.

The other option is whether to collect USAC Membership information from each participant. By default, we will ask the participant, and can validate their membership. We update the member database when USAC releases new versions of their list of members. Race Directors can also turn this option off since USAC does not require membership for non-competitive events.

Participant Experience

Participants are all presented with a simple page where they will have to read the waiver and then sign their name. If membership number visibility is turned off, it looks like this:

The participant will see the USAC waiver pop up before they can sign their name:

If the membership number entry is left on, then the page will look like this. There is an option to say they are not a member as well:

The validation agains the USAC member database is done in real time based on the last download that USAC has given to us:

The participant can simply click the “I am not a current member” to proceed since the USAC membership is not required for non-competitive events.

Waiver Reporting

The participant Report can be customized (and saved) to show the USAC Member numbers as well as whether the waiver was signed:

The Race Waiver and USAC Waiver are both saved. Drilling down into a participant page, there are links to the actual waiver, with recorded time and IP address:

The full waiver that is versioned, dated, signed with an IP address is stored and able to be easily retrieved:

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