USAT Automated Waiver Enhancements

USATAs every USA Triathlon race director knows, collecting Waivers is important (and a bit frustrating at times!). We have worked with USAT to further streamline and automate the process with the following additions:

1.  Forced Waiver Signature.  If this is combined with the option we have had for a while to only allow one registration (on the Miscellaneous Settings page) would force people to sign the waiver when they sign up.  This option can also be turned on to force the first person registering in a multi-person registration to sign. The option is on the Membership page when USAT is selected. 

Force Waiver Signature

Waiver Signature Page2.  Automated email for people who have not signed. The typical example is I sign up myself and Bryan. I fill in Bryan’s email address in the waiver section saying he will sign it later. The system automatically sends Bryan an email with a link to #3 for him to sign.

3. Waiver Signature Page (screen shot on right), just as they would during the normal registration process and we collect the normal data.

4. Resend Emails. This can be sent at any time asking those who do not have a waiver signed to sign it. This is on the Waiver Report.

Resend Emails

Print Forms5. Print Waiver Forms (Also included above as a link).  It will create a printable PDF that has each participants name printed on the form. The idea is that the race director would then staple these to each of the bibs so that participants would sign them on race morning.

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