Re-Send Volunteer Confirmation Emails

We have added a way for volunteer coordinators to re-send volunteer confirmation emails: Volunteer Coordinators can access this option through Volunteers>>Report>>Report. Once you have located the volunteer, select the MANAGE button in the “Actions” column. At the top of the page, you will see the “Resend Confirmation Email” option field and button.

Automated Emails for Price Increases

We have released a new type of Automated Email for Price Increases. This is a great “set and forget” feature for races to enable during their initial race set-up (or at any time). The automated emails will notify current participants of the next price increase and prompt them to share their referral link (if referrals are turned […]

RunSignUp Race Day Results Now Available in RaceJoy

Immediate Scored Results Delivered through Mobile Platform RunSignUp announces the delivery of mobile results through its industry-leading tracking app, RaceJoy! RunSignUp customers who utilize its Race Day Results solution can now efficiently deliver chip timed scored results through RaceJoy’s mobile platform – in addition to RaceJoy’s interactive race day features such as live tracking, GPS-based […]

RaceDay SignUp Updated

We released a new version of the RaceDay SignUp App (0.1.7.). It is available now on Chrome browsers at (make sure you bookmark this rather than the versioned URL that comes up). It should be available in the Android and Apple stores in a few days – make sure to update it. Thanks for the feedback […]

RunSignUp 2016 Roadmap

We held our annual Race Director and Timer Symposium last week. As usual, we shared an overview of RunSignUp and talked about our roadmap ahead. The core message is that RunSignUp is providing an open platform that provides technology to help races thruout the yearly cycle of Promotion -> Registration & Management -> Race Day. We […]

Race Director & Timer Symposium Videos

We “Live Streamed” our Symposium last week. It was our first attempt at this, so we had some technical glitches and some content that could be better and some content that is not there. On the other hand, we captured a lot of great stuff: Bob Bickel: RunSignUp Overview and Roadmap Barbara Herzog: Cultivating […]

Google Vision Photo Tagging Sample

We did a sample of photos at the Scott Coffee Race to test the Google Vision rates of reads (accomplished within several minutes of uploading photos). Check out a couple of the sample Google Vision got right on these screenshots – impressive. 100 Photos 119 Correct Tags 16 Incorrect Tags 32 Additional Tags that a human […]

RunSignUp Symposium Slides

Here are the slides from the RunSignUp Race Director and Timer Symposium. RunSignUp State of the Union – Bob reviews the past year and introduces RaceDay Go, RaceDay Photos, RaceDay SignUp Kiosk and more.   Donations & Fundraising – CASA Superhero Run – Barbara Herzog   Race Director Checklist – Trish Portuese, Championship Racing   […]

RaceDay SignUp Kiosk App Web View Available

We are announcing the availability of the Web View to the RaceDay SignUp Kiosk App. In addition to the Apple and Android versions, you can now go to to start the app on Chrome browsers. The web app also works with the specially encrypted Race Day USB Card Swiper that meets PCI security requirements so […]

RunSignUp Quick Hits…Features Even Advanced Users May Missed

Over the next few days, we’ll be sharing a host of resources from our 3rd annual RunSignUp Symposium. First up: some blog links to features you may have missed. Even our most advanced users often have a hard time keeping up with all our updates (2,000+ in 2015); RunSignUp Sales Lead Bryan Jenkins picked a […]

RaceDay CheckIn Update

We have released a new version of the RaceDay CheckIn App on Apple and Android. We made major improvements to memory management and searching to improve performance for large 10,000+ person check-in environments. This update also included some other minor improvements based on user feedback like an improved warning if bib number is not entered (and is […]

RaceDay SignUp Kiosk App

V 1.0 is released on Oct. 19, 2016. As a part of the new RaceDay Go Platform, the new RaceDay SignUp Kiosk App is now available. As we reviewed several weeks ago, this provides a native Apple and Android app designed for race day signups. Just search “RunSignUp” on your phone’s App Store. There is […]

Race Day Photos Beta Released

As part of the RaceDay Go Platform, RaceDay Photos (see previous Sneak Preview and Architecture blogs) has been released in Beta for general use. RaceDay Photos is a comprehensive, open platform to provide races with cutting edge technology to create a better race day experience for their participants: The Beta Platform is being provided for free […]

RaceDay Go Platform Announced

We announced The RaceDay Go Platform this week at the RunSignUp Symposium. This is a major strategic direction with a comprehensive platform for creating a complete race day experience. RunSignUp is embarking on a strategic mission by taking the following actions: Creating a new brand separate from RunSignUp to allow for open use of technology components by races, […]

RunSignUp Community Grant Program

This year, the RunSignUp Community is introducing an annual program to give back to charities who promote running or utilize running as a way to improve their communities. We collected nearly 100 nominations and ended up with eleven finalists. The RunSignUp Customer Advisory Board voted yesterday on five unique charities to distribute the pool of $10,000. The results […]

RunSignUp Race Day Results Now in RaceJoy!

RunSignUp is continually bringing innovation to the race industry, and as one of the many announcements at its annual symposium, it is rolling out the delivery of mobile results through its industry leading tracking app, RaceJoy. RunSignUp customers who utilize its Race Day Results service can now deliver these through RaceJoy’s mobile platform. Races using […]

RaceJoy Debuts Race-Managed News Alerts

We are excited to share the press release below that announces race news alerts in RaceJoy! Leading Race Day Tracking App Launches Newest Feature July 18, 2016 – Moorestown, NJ –  RaceJoy, a RunSignUp product, is the leading real-time participant tracking app for running and cycling events. Its newest feature, designed specifically for race organizers, […]

Security Patch

We updated our site with this security patch – Other webmasters may want to run the free Qualys SSL scanning tool to check their grades – Users can also check out their most common websites as well (proud to say RunSignUp beat the bank I use :-))

Multi-Event Pricing with Event Grouping

We have made an enhancement to the multi-event pricing feature that was recently released. Multi-Event pricing now works in conjunction with Event Grouping. If a race has set-up event groups under Race>>Registration>>Event Grouping. The group drop-down menu will appear before the event selection drop-down during registration. (The drop-down box default text can be customized at […]

Ability Tour Embraces All Abilities with RaceJoy!

This weekend on Saturday, July 16, the Ability Tour is offering RaceJoy to its participants and spectators as part of the day’s experience. The inclusive bicycle event, organized by Peckham, Inc., is dedicated to raising awareness for people of ALL abilities and embraces those with disabilities so that they too can enjoy the road. The […]

What are YOU learning next Tuesday?

In Philadelphia, we’ll be hearing about… What your runners want from Author Jen A. Miller Recruiting and cultivating fundraisers for your events from Barbara Herzog of CASA Richmond The ultimate Race Checklist from Trish Portuese of Championship Racing Race promotion and running community collaboration from Andrew Younger & Joe Dimambro of CRIM Fitness Foundation Streamlining […]

Chip and GPS Results

We have released a new capability to include RunSignUp’s RaceDay Results in the RaceJoy App automatically. This means any race where the timer is uploading results (either automatically from The Race Director or RunScore or Agee Timing or manually uploading CSV result files), the results will appear within seconds in runner and spectators RaceJoy apps. […]

Symposium Keynote: Jim Marino

We’re excited about all the Race Directors and Timers heading into Philadelphia soon for our 3rd Annual Race Director/Timer Symposium…but we might be the most excited to hear from someone who is already here. Meet Jim Marino, Philadelphian. Jim first became involved with the now-iconic Broad Street Run as a volunteer 32 years ago because […]

The Race Director 2017

The initial offering of Race Director 2017 is now available.  For anyone on the Extended Support plan, contact us about getting your system activated.  The change that we are concentrating on now is the natural extension of the Auto Import capabilities added late in the RD 2016 modifications.  The first major offering of RD 2017 is […]

Race Calendar Listing Notifications

We have updated the automatic notifications we send out when simple race listings are created. This is for customers using our Race Calendar widget – for example running stores or running clubs. When race directors want to just put up a simple listing (rather than use RunSignUp for registration), that now triggers a notification to […]

Delay Donations Until Charity Setup

When races invite their charity partners to process donations directly, this ensures the race does not have to keep track of money coming to them that would then have to be redistributed to their charity partners. We have just added an option to not accept any donations until the charity partner has set up their […]

RunningUSA Conference Marketing Lessons

We were out in Denver this week for the RunningUSA Next Evolution Conference – focused on alternative races like color runs and obstacles races. There were a number of traditional races there like Pittsburgh Marathon, Colfax Marathon, Big Sur Marathon, etc. The opening panel discussion and the marketing presentation by Peter Abraham were both very […]