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RaceDay SignUp Kiosk App

V 1.0 is released on Oct. 19, 2016.

IMG_0675As a part of the new RaceDay Go Platform, the new RaceDay SignUp Kiosk App is now available. As we reviewed several weeks ago, this provides a native Apple and Android app designed for race day signups. Just search “RunSignUp” on your phone’s App Store. There is also a web version available to run on notebooks and Chromebooks in a Chrome browser –

The new app now supports a secure credit card swiper (purchase here) to speed the signup process.  We have worked with a swipe device manufacturer to build a fully encrypted card reader. This means when the card is swiped, the actual device is encrypting the data. The only place the data can be unencrypted is on RunSignUp’s secure, PCI-compliant cloud platform. The swipe device is available now by clicking here.IMG_0677

The devices that plug into phones and tablets via the earphone jack cost us over $50 each to manufacture, and we will be partially subsidizing the cost. As you can see, they are heavier duty than the Square devices that many people are familiar with. For laptops and Chromebooks, we also have an encrypted USB card swiper.

Here is an early demonstration of the app:

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  1. This looks great … thanks for the demo! What I don’t see is any field to enter the bib number as was on the old Kiosk mode. Is that something that will be added?

  2. Can registrations be taken even if the internet connection goes down? I heard this mentioned in a couple videos and there was a demonstration on how to export the date from the Check-In App, but I can’t find any direction on how to do this with the SignUp App.

    Thank you!

    1. We do not do that currently in the SignUp app. We have thought about it, but have not yet gotten to it. We are seeing more races leave reg open and letting people do it on their own cell phones, and that provides more flexibility.

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