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Simple Calendar Updates for Participants

Confirmation emails generated from RunSIgnUp contain an "ics" file. This makes it simple for participants to add your event to their calendar. We have made some updates to the formatting and information. This is what the ics content now looks like:

Calendar Widget Updates

You can now include and exclude specific Timer races in addition to races in our Race Calendar Widget. This makes it easier for a timer to have a calendar of all the races they time. We have also added an option to include only specific races. Here is the new setup:

Playmakers Running Stores – How they Use RunSignUp

Playmakers is a group of running stores in Michigan, who also provide some race management services.  One of the key values they bring to their running community is a Running Calendar.  They are using RunSignUp technology to drive this.  Take a look and see if your running store might benefit as well - Here is... Continue Reading →