The Race Director 2017

The initial offering of Race Director 2017 is now available.  For anyone on the Extended Support plan, contact us about getting your system activated.  The change that we are concentrating on now is the natural extension of the Auto Import capabilities added late in the RD 2016 modifications.  The first major offering of RD 2017 is a new executable called “Race Day Reports”.  There is a new option when you look in the Race Director application folder –
The idea is that you have both Race Director and this new application running at the same time on your scoring computer.  This allows you to keep the Chip Results import working in “Auto Import” mode in Race Director and the generation of report reports (Age Group and Overall, for now) activity happening in Race Day Results.  Another option is to have Race Day Results running on a separate, networked computer.  If you use networked computers, there is no need for either the scoring computer or the reporting computer to be in Data Share mode.
The next additions to the Race Day Reports selections will be Lap Race reports and the Announcer functions.
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