Matt Morrisson Joins

57014616-CX+Revo+Frontier+Park+11.16.14-6969We are very happy to announce that Matt Morrisson will be joining our development team. He comes to us from Amazon where he spent the last 5 years working on various projects including the console that anyone who uses AWS logs into to get around to the various services.  Before that he was part of startup that got acquired twice and ended up at HP for about 8 years, and various other places before then. He is a graduate of University of Idaho with a degree in computer science.  Much of his professional work has been around building “enterprise” systems in Java.  So he knows his stuff.

What is even more interesting perhaps is his love of the endurance space.  He and his wife Kathy are part of a Triathlon Club in Seattle.  As part of that he has built systems for club membership, club store, training logs. In addition he has done timing with the club system (they use Winning Times hardware) and uses Race Director and has also used RunScore.

He and his wife have a daughter who graduated from high school and is heading off to New Haven for forensic science, and a 10th grade son who hopes to beat the school record in the 2 mile someday.  Oh, and he codes sudoku and crossword puzzle software for his own amusement.

Matt will be working on a variety of things over time. Initially his focus will be helping to build out the Promotional capabilities we offer races and working with Andrew Burke quite a bit.

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