Multi-Event Pricing with Event Grouping

We have made an enhancement to the multi-event pricing feature that was recently released. Multi-Event pricing now works in conjunction with Event Grouping.

If a race has set-up event groups under Race>>Registration>>Event Grouping. The group drop-down menu will appear before the event selection drop-down during registration. (The drop-down box default text can be customized at the bottom of the grouping set-up page) :

Select an Arena

Once a “Group” is selected, another drop-down menu will appear so the runner can select their event.

Group and Event

After the Group AND Event are selected, the multi-event pricing feature will kick in and encourage the runner to add another event for a discounted rate. If a second group/event are added on the registration page, the discounted price will dynamically appear next to the event, with the old price crossed out.

Dynamic Pricing

This enhancement is helpful for races with a large number of start times, waves, or options for runners to choose from. It helps to streamline the registration process, drive additional registrations per person and keeps the process clean and user-friendly.

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