RaceDay Go Platform Announced

We announced The RaceDay Go Platform this week at the RunSignUp Symposium. This is a major strategic direction with a comprehensive platform for creating a complete race day experience.


RunSignUp is embarking on a strategic mission by taking the following actions:

  • Creating a new brand separate from RunSignUp to allow for open use of technology components by races, timers, race management companies, photographers, registration companies and timing equipment companies
  • Consolidating existing Race Day offerings under the new RaceDay Go brand
  • Release new RaceDay Photo Platform
  • Release RaceDay SignUp Kiosk native app. This joins the native RaceDay CheckIn and RaceDay Results apps with a common architecture to allow for online and offline operation on Apple, Android and the Web
  • Integrating RaceDay Results (from The Race Director and RunScore) directly into RaceJoy App – the first platform to combine Gun, Chip and GPS Time at scale in real time
  • Strategic announcement that a new product called RaceDay Scoring will be the strategic Cloud and Mobile direction for The Race Director PC product

RaceDay Go is a family of Race Day offerings that will be offered at very Low Cost/Free.

RDGo Pricing

RaceDay Go is an Open Platform:

  • Plug and Play – use components you want
  • Timing systems
  • Registration Integration
  • Results Integration
  • Branded separately from RunSignUp to encourage broad adoption

The core of RaceDay Go (RDGo) is The Race Director PC (RD PC), which along with RunScore, is one of the two leading scoring platforms used by timers to generate results for over 11 Million race finishers each year. The upcoming RaceDay Scoring (RD Scoring) is the Cloud version of RD PC.

We expect to release a new RDGo Dashboard by the end of the year, along with initial work on RD Scoring. We expect RD Scoring to take about 2 years to fully build out to match all features available in RD PC. We also expect to create multiple mechanisms for bi-directional movement of races between RD Scoring and RD PC.

RaceJoy will continue to be an independent, open App that will be tightly integrated with RDGo. As noted above, RaceJoy now fully integrates with RD Results by downloading Gun and Chip times and places to display alongside the GPS Splits. In the coming months we expect to make the GPS Splits available in RD Results and RD Scoring.

RaceDay Go is a strategic platform for the endurance industry, and represents the next generation of providing a real time, social race day experience.

Here is a PPT Overview:

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