Automated Emails for Price Increases

We have released a new type of Automated Email for Price Increases. This is a great “set and forget” feature for races to enable during their initial race set-up (or at any time). The automated emails will notify current participants of the next price increase and prompt them to share their referral link (if referrals are turned on). These emails will also automatically notify past participants, who are not yet registered, that the price increase is coming soon! You must have price increases set-up for these automated emails to be sent out. Race Directors can set their prices increases in Step 3 of the Race Wizard.

By default, the automated price increase emails are turned off. When enabled, there are 2 different types of emails that are generated:

  • Current Registrants – This email will go out to your current list of registered participants. This email has text congratulating them on registering, provides additional information about the race, and encourage them to invite their friends to register before the price goes up.
    • If a race has referrals/referral refunds turned on, the email will also include a prompt with the participant’s referral link to encourage them to have their friends sign up through their referral link.
  • Past Participants – This email will go out to ALL of the race’s past participants who have not registered yet. This email will prompt past participants to register before the price goes up so they “Don’t miss their chance to register!”

Only one email will go out to any given email address, including when multiple people are registered with the same email address (for both past and current registrants).


Here are the steps you can follow to enable automated price increase emails:

  • Go to Email Marketing>>Automated Emails>>Price Increases
  • Choose the option to Enable Prices Increases  Choose Option
  • Select email intervals or specific date ranges (You can choose to send the emails a set number of days before each price increase or on a specific calendar date. Multiple intervals can be set)


  • Once you have saved the automated email settings, you can customize each version of the email by clicking “View/Customize Email”


  • We give you a few different options for both emails:
    • Choose all current participants or just specific events
    • Include a custom list with these automated emails
    • Customize the Email Subject
    • Customize the content of the email, remove certain placeholder tags
    • Use HTML code for further email customization, add images, etc
    • You can click the REMOVE EMAIL button if you don’t want to send an email to current or past participants.


  • Here is the default Current Participant Email:

Current Participants


  • Here is the default Past Participant Email

Past Participants

  • The red text are email tags which will pull information directly from the race settings and information from the participant database.
  • Race Directors also have the option to create multiple versions of the current registrant emails or past participant emails. This is helpful if you want to send version #1 to current registrants in the 10K and a second version to current registrants in the 5K.

Add Additional Version

New to RunSignUp and don’t have past participant data in the system? Here is more information on how to import past participant data into previous years. Happy Emailing!

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