TikTok Pixel Tracking for Races

TikTok Pixel Tracking for Races

We, at RunSignup, may have not perfected any TikTok dances – although, there was an attempt at The Floss by our founder Bob Bickel in a recent meeting. While Bob was “Flossing”, the development team was modernizing our platform to better support Ad Tracking across all of our brands  RunSignup, GiveSignup and TicketSignup. These efforts will pave the way to support additional Ad Tracking technology integrations in the future.

The first of these updates that is now available is the support for TikTok Pixel to track events on RunSignup to your advertising on TikTok. The RunSignup events that trigger attribution to your TikTok Ads are:

  • Page views
  • Initiate checkout
  • Payment confirmation

Note: this has only been added to the RunSignup Registration (races) platform. Ticketable events support is coming next.

To enable TikTok Pixel tracking you need to provide your Pixel ID from TikTok Ads Manager. You will find information about your existing Pixel or creation of a new Pixel within the Events submenu under Assets.

TikTok may provide you with the entire code snippet that needs to be included in your site.  RunSignup will take care of embedding that code for you. You will just need to find the Pixel ID from the script as shown below.

Once you have your TikTok Pixel, you can add it to your race via RunSignup’s Race Dashboard. The TikTok Pixel setup page can be found within the Promotion->Sitewide Codes submenu (or just do a menu search for “TikTok”).

Simply paste your Pixel code into the Pixel ID field and click [Save TikTok Code].

Your race will start tracking events for TikTok  immediately after saving the code.

Additional Social Media Ad Tracking Features Coming Soon:

Here is what’s coming up next:

TikTok Pixel For Ticketable Events:  We will roll out the same TikTok Pixel support described in this article to Ticketable Events in a few weeks.

Facebook (Meta) Conversion API for Races:  Facebook Conversion API is the “next generation” of Ad tracking technology which will provide a more reliable connection between your RunSignup events and Facebook’s Ad Management platform. It has many advantages over Facebook Pixel and can be used in conjunction with that technology. More to come in a few weeks as we roll out this capability.

Facebook Conversion API for Ticketable Events:  We will release Facebook Conversion API support for Registration (Races) first, and then follow up with the same support for Ticketable Events.

Any Questions?

If you have any questions around setting up your TikTok Pixel tracking, please contact your RunSignup account manager or email support at info@runsignup.com.

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