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Advertising for RunnersAn increasing number of races are using ads to bring more runners to their events. RunSignUp now offers you a simple way to track your conversions!

We allow you to track conversions from Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Adroll and Google Remarketing.

If you are new to web advertising, you might want to take a look at some of the links above to get a feel for the capabilities of reaching more runners.  We find an increasing number of small races experimenting with Facebook ads targeted very close to their location and with specific topics of interest like the example on the right. Larger races and multi-city races are often more progressive by putting up “remarketing” ads on sites you visit if you have been to their website.

Advertising can be expensive, and it is sometimes difficult to track the payback. We have worked with some of our larger race partners to enable them track “conversions” – when people register for a race.  This enables them to track how many registrations came from their advertising.

RunSignUp Ad TrackingAll of the above advertising platforms have special codes and cookies that these races put in their websites.  Since most of these races use our Widget within their site, they need to have the visibility to see which ads convert to registration. We have now made that simple for anyone to implement. You will need to copy in the code for that ad network into a new page on the race dashboard under Financials. You will then see the conversions in your ad network and tools they provide to help you measure the ROI of your ads.

RunSignUp is enabling every race to take advantage of modern web marketing mechanisms. Expect to see some very cool Google Analytics visibility for your races in the next couple of months that will give you information on where your runners are searching for, where they got referred from, and conversion/dropout rates.

As a final note, RunSignUp does NOT allow ads on our site. Our business is to help races focus the attention on themselves. Note that Google Adwords, Remarketing and Adroll will all give races a way to have ads appear on other registration sites that do allow ads, like

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