Some of our users ask about the background of our company. This is articulated on our About Us pages.

Bucknell Cross CountryThe real roots, the very foundation of our business is running. In particular it is my experience 34+ years ago on the Bucknell Cross Country team. That is where I learned about the value of working as a team (“the strength of the wolf is the pack and the strength of the pack is the wolf”), and the idea of working hard on a consistent basis (100 mile weeks for 4 years will make you a pretty good runner) over a period of years to achieve goals.

I hunted down this article written by one of my Captains, Bob Braile, in 1995 – nearly 20 years after he ran. I think it captures perfectly the kind of influence running can have on someone’s life. And on the core roots of building a company like RunSignUp.

PDF version – Bucknell Cross Country

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