Tracking Ad Conversions

An increasing number of races are using ads to bring more runners to their events. RunSignUp now offers you a simple way to track your conversions! We allow you to track conversions from Google Adwords, Facebook Ads, Adroll and Google Remarketing. If you are new to web advertising, you might want to take a look at […]


Some of our users ask about the background of our company. This is articulated on our About Us pages. The real roots, the very foundation of our business is running. In particular it is my experience 34+ years ago on the Bucknell Cross Country team. That is where I learned about the value of working […]

1,000 Registrations in 10 Minutes without sweating

We were recently asked if we could handle 1,000 registration in 10 minutes. Of course we can! That is why we spent so much time proving 50,000 registrations in 7 minutes. If you are a geek, read the technical white paper on scaling. We also had a real life race a few weeks back that […]

Corporate Team Invoice Improvements

Kaiser Permanente Corporate Run/Walk in Atlanta is our largest user of the Corporate Team capabilities with hundreds of teams and thousands of runners and walkers.  They recently closed Corporate Team registration and used our system to send invoices automatically to the hundreds of teams offering them a way to pay online or via check. RunSignUp […]

Event Transfer for Wave Races

There are a lot of “Wave” races – color runs, mud runs, obstacle runs, etc. that have different levels of waves.  For example the Great American Mud Run has an Elite, competitive wave early in the morning that costs more than the non-competitive waves later in the day. RunSignUp has allowed Event-Event transfer for a […]

Claiming Imported Club Memberships

We’ve added a nice feature to make it super-easy for Club Directors to send Claim information to club members they have imported.  This is important since it let’s a club member manage their own membership and renew it – thus reducing duplicate membership records.  Just click on the little “Send Claim Instructions” under the person’s […]

RedLine13 Load Testing

Last year we did a very large project that has made RunSignUp the most scalable and high performance registration system available.  We were able to test our system registering 50,000 runners in 7 minutes (total time from first page thru credit card payment and confirmation). See technical details of our scalability project here. One of […]

Open Registration API

In our last post we talked about Teamwork and the “Strength of the Pack”. The purpose of that post was to provide the context of why we are continuing to work on our Open API – a very technical topic. In simple terms, an API is how two programs work together.  When we exchange participant or […]

Add-Ons Accounting

Add-Ons are treated as a separate type of item in RunSignUp Financial Reports. That is the $144 item on the right. Also, note that Add-Ons are non-refundable (unlike Store items).  This is one of the attractive things about Add-Ons from a race director’s perspective. Race Directors can allow runners to modify their Add-Ons (set this […]

Credit Card Validation Improvements

We recently updated our Credit Card Validation.  This means if a runner enters an incorrect number of digits or they do not conform to the industry standard Luhn check, we can give them an error message quicker. One of the cool little tricks we added is to highlight which credit card is being entered based […]

How Run The Bluegrass Leverages Facebook

Run the Bluegrass is one of Kentucky’s premier races. They hold a Half Marathon, 7 miler and some fun races for the family and kids. Race Director Eric Marr has created a real community on their Facebook Page. They have over 3,700 “Likes” and really engage runners via Facebook.  They regularly post on Facebook and […]