Add-Ons Accounting

Add-On Financial ReportingAdd-Ons are treated as a separate type of item in RunSignUp Financial Reports. That is the $144 item on the right.

Also, note that Add-Ons are non-refundable (unlike Store items).  This is one of the attractive things about Add-Ons from a race director’s perspective.

Race Directors can allow runners to modify their Add-Ons (set this in Participant Management). If they increase the quantity of a paid add-on, then the runner is charged for the cost.

If a runner deletes their Add-On, since there is no refund, there is a “Negative Adjustment” (the last line in the image above stating +$12.00). This is because a runner cancelled an Add-On – decreasing the $ total on Registration Add-Ons, but increasing that account name.  Total money collected remains the same, but Race Directors are able to see precisely where the revenue has come from.

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