August 2013 Race Director Newsletter

The Impact of Mobile on Races

As a race director, you need to consider the impact of Mobile devices on the registration and race day processes. In July, 37% of people accessed the website from a mobile device (9% Tablets and 28% Mobile Phone).

Runners now want to register for the race, find the location of the race, get directions appearing on their cell phone, and look up results soon after they cross the finish line. As race directors, you should take some time to see what your runners are seeing when they utilize their phones for these functions.

RunSignUp has been the consistent leader in this area, coming out with our first mobile interface over 2 years ago. We continue to make a number of enhancements that are all directed at improving the Mobile experience, like making the Help system and videos look good on mobile, redesigning more and more of the site to be a Responsive Design, and having a mobile view for results – as well as email and TXT notification support. We have a big set of enhancements coming up in August that will make the widget fully responsive for websites that embed registration on their websites.

In 2014 over half of your registrations will come from mobile devices. Is your race ready?

Beyond Giveaways

Have you ever wanted to offer something beyond a single giveaway to runners for your race? We have had a Store feature since the beginning that many races use for selling additional items. However, the store does not necessarily ask each runner if they want to make a purchase, and has a more sophisticated inventory management and distribution capability. So we “added” Add-Ons!

Add-Ons allow you to have any number of free or for-pay items that a runner can add to their registration. Maybe socks, or photos, or last year’s leftover t-shirts. Learn more here: blog and video.

Why Use RunSignUp?

A new race director recently posted on Facebook why he uses RunSignUp:

“For all you Race Directors out there, a personal Public Service Announcement for your benefit. I highly recommend RunSignUp to you for your online registration systems. It’s our third system in four years, and I think we’ve finally found the one we’re going to stick with for the long haul. #1 Inexpensive for Runners. #2 Terrific customer service #3 Very user-friendly #4 Very adaptive to unique needs and ideas.”

Thanks! We Like that!

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